Another new year, a mooc or two looming – maybe it’s a good time to start blogging again.


Time will tell, as will events. I am not going to force this. I may get so bogged down in the day to day nitty gritty of learning technology support (new VLE and all that) that any creative inclination or attempts to reflect and take a wider perspective may get squeezed out. Life might also get in the way. All those other (easier) outlets like Twitter, Scoopit, Diigo, emails, speaking to people might suffice.

What might I blog about?

Well, the day job requires me to be interested in:

  • VLEs
  • changing VLEs
  • e-assessment
  • e-portfolios

but I’ve just started another blog for that, leaving space here for:

  • open education, including moocs (see my Scoopit topic)
  • virtual worlds (an older interest but still relevant)
  • new ways of engaging academics with Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
  • future trends ….
Will I find that space – my bit of sky in a dense, uninspiring landscape?


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