Reconnecting with oldsmooc

I have just spent an hour or so dipping back into oldsmooc having been absent for at least 2 weeks due to pressure of work (new semester, new VLE etc) A fair bit has happened while I’ve been away and I’m grateful for the ongoing participation of others such as Peter Miller who is doing some very clever things including modelling the Week 4 activity in Open Sim (on Android viewer). And as if that wasn’t enough he has also posted some useful tips on feed aggregation to help us lesser mortals manage the deluge of information on this mooc. I observe that the level of activity  seems to have dropped off in week 4 – is it the subject  Pedagogical Patterns Collector or the timing? Or maybe they’re all deep in their weekend activities?  I think I could really have benefitted from a bit of time on week 3 where things seem to have been very practical & I may well try to catch up with some of this or suggest a mini workshop to colleagues (ever the optimist). The 7Cs of learning design presentation by G Conole seems a good place to start not forgetting the Ecology of Resources model from week 2.

Now for my other mooc Elearning & Digital Cultures (#edmooc) but not before reading Sheila Macneill’s reflections on moocs in general and #oldsmooc & #edcmooc in particular.


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