Why do I sign up for moocs?

Well here I am at the end of the first week of olds mooc having done very little and certainly not got anywhere near a badge. I signed up for this a while ago thinking it would be an interesting diversion from what was likely to be an uninspiring period in the day job (VLE transition). However to treat a mooc as dense & focused as this as an optional extra at the end of a busy day was to completely misunderstand its purpose.

However all is not lost, I posted a dream in the dream bazaar which has attracted no comments but it has helped me form some ideas and more importantly share them with a couple of colleagues who are keen to join me on the project (if not on olds mooc).

The rather bewildering collection of tools being used on olds mooc have been widely commented on already and I can only concur that they seem to have added an unnecessary layer of complexity that risks getting in the way of the real business of this mooc. I have dipped in & out of most of them, but I am left with the constant feeling of having missed something significant. I need to find my level and stay there – something tells me I may stick to familiar territory like Twitter in Week 2.